Kick Ass 2 Follow Up

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Post-read, this was  a decent follow up to Kick Ass, but the weakest of the three installments thus far. I’m not a fan of stories in which the violence committed by the villains cannot possibly be made up for by their capture or death. The atrocities unleashed by ‘The Mother Fucker’ and his gang are so over the top that even the heroes’ ultimate victory means little.

Prior to the final battle the story loses some focus, and Dave’s two buddies becoming heroes is almost a ‘Jump the Shark‘ moment.

Apart from that, it’s my opinion that Kick Ass is of course Mindy’s journey as much or more than it is Dave’s. Kick Ass 2 lacks the emotional connect that I felt with the characters in the original, and I missed that. I wanted to like it more than I actually did.

Am I going to read the 4th and 5th installments? My money’s already spent–but I hope that Millar’s writing tightens back up and makes me feel like I did reading Kick Ass–feeling like I wanted to carry the book around in my backpack and sneak it out for a page or two whenever I could squeeze it in.


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    • Thanks! No doubt, I liked the story overall..I guess I was just a little bit grumpy because it took Hit Girl so long to start Kicking Ass! 🙂
      I also suppose that my hatred for Red Mist/The Mother Fucker is a credit to Millar’s writing huh?

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