Marvel Now! Iron Man #6: or..the Wrath of Princess Unibrow



I was so excited for this title. I really was. In the aftermath of AvX I subscribed to a number of Now! Titles. Iron Man was probably the one I was most excited for. Having just read issue #6, I’m ready to give Kieron Gillen the stink-eye. This title is going nowhere. The first five issues were stand-alone missions that were tenuously linked to Extremis. There was no arc; just 5 stories that didn’t even need to involve Extremis. Finally, at the end of #5, Tony broke the bonds of Earth and headed to meet a new destiny among the stars.

My excitement was rekindled! Finally, a connection to the time that the Golden Avenger will clearly be spending with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Issue #6 arrived in the mail yesterday and went straight to the top of the pile.

What a disappointment was Godkiller 1 of 3. ┬áThe “battle” alluded to on the first 3 pages was glossed over when it could’ve been the focus of an entire issue. I want to know more about this “Mechanoid Pirate Fleet” and why the Voldi are warring with them…to say nothing of how Tony found them…why he is fighting for them, etc. Nah, quick 3 pages and then we’re in some Alien Cantina and Mr. Stark is hitting on an Alien Princess with a serious Unibrow..situation.

12 pages of stale dialogue later, Princess Unibrow throws Tony out of her boudoir because of…facial hair? More like Irony Man.

Finally in the last couple of pages, Mr. Gillen decides to try and cobble together some semblance of a story and tie it into the AvX Aftermath. OK, so Tony is going on trial for his part in the murder of the Phoenix. This title has 2 issues (Godkiller 2/3 and 3/3) to get me make itself worthy of the title Iron Man. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll be seeing plenty of Mr. Stark in Avengers and Avengers Assemble!, both of which are rockin’ it!

Issue #6 gets a 1 out of 5 Arc Reactors and would’ve gotten a ZERO POINT ZERO if not for the cool force field P.E.P.P.E.R. throws up when the Robots attack. Sheesh!

Honey, shave that thing off. Or pluck it..shed it..whatever.

Honey, shave that thing off. Or pluck it..shed it..whatever.


AvX Consequences TPB


Sitting atop the pile & ripe for cracking is the AvX Consequences TPB. In the wake of the war between The Avengers & The Phoenix 5 (and to a lesser extent, the X-Men) I see this as a

AvX Consequences Trade Paperback

AvX Consequences Trade Paperback

precursor to the Marvel Now! Uncanny X Men series. Issue one of that arrived in the mail the other day, so I figure I’d better read Consequences first. Despite a long tenure as an X-Men fan, even I’m growing weary of Scott Summers’ incessant moody whining. Will he truly be and stay a Marvel “Villain” now? Gotta put “Villain” in quotes because he’ll never intentionally harm the innocent, but I’m confident he’ll Zzark! any Hero that tries to stand in his way.

I’m just wondering where it is he’s trying to go. ┬áTime to crack AvX Consequences!

Avengers #3 Acquired, Dilemma Dissolved ~or~ How My Pile Became Complete

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.04.29 PMThe Blogosphere waited with baited breath the outcome of my dilemma. In the end, the solution I thought would be the simplest is the one that worked. I cruised into The Time Capsule this evening around 6pm Eastern, asked for help and scored a variant cover edition of [Marvel Now!] Avengers #3. My Pile is complete, and you may breathe a collective sigh of relief, replete in the knowledge that I will be reading in sequence.

Hey Howie…I GOT IT!!

The Subscriber’s Dilemma-Avengers # 4

Avengers-4-large-coverGot home the other day and Marvel Now!’s Avengers #4 was on my desk. Immediately I had mixed feelings. When I bought Avengers 1 & 2 at The Annex in Newport RI, I loved ’em, and so immediately subscribed. I subscribe because it costs less, and because it comes right to my house so that I don’t have to keep track of what is coming out when (I know it’s not that hard, but I stink at it and always end up missing stuff).

So, there it was, Issue #4, the first of my subscription issues to arrive. But I haven’t read #3. I can’t be skipping stuff and missing plot points! It’s impure! It’s not right! What will I do? The Annex doesn’t have a back issue of #3, so I only have a couple of options:

1. Buy Digital. Yuck. I like to press the pulp! This will be a last resort solution only.
2. Stop in at the Time Capsule in Cranston. This will take some strategizing, and some cash because I always feel guilty buying small amounts of stuff with my credit card from fellow small business owners. This will hopefully yield results.
3. Buy the individual issue online. Never tried this. Seems like it would be easy, but I’ll have to do some waiting. I hate waiting.

*Sigh* It’s going to be a tough haul. Until I acquire issue #3, however, #4 shall remain, uncracked, atop the pile. I’ll let you know how I make out.