Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: Worth the Wait! ~SPOILERS~

Sure, you read it on February 13th, but my copy just came in today’s mail. Ah…Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: The complete tale of Star Lord’s origin  is the topic the premiere issue and it’s a tale superbly told by Brian Bendis. Steve McNiven’s pencils are likewise top drawer.

We’re taken back 30 years to witness the interplanetary bop-fest that squired our hero, Peter Quill. We’re shown how a young Star Lord-to-be dealt with bullies pickin’ on little girls. Oh yeah.


We learn why he’s got such a chip on his shoulder about his father. I don’t know if we can really blame J’son for crimes committed by the Badoon, but Peter definitely has some issues with the death of his mother Meredith.



In the final pages, we learn that Peter has been telling the story of his Guardianship to Tony Stark, who left Earth at the end of Iron Man #5 in the ugliest armor ever to seek his space-fortune. If you read Avengers Assemble as well, then you knew this was coming way back in AA # 8 .

From Avengers Assemble! Issue 8

From Avengers Assemble! Issue 8


Guardians of the Galaxy has restored some of my faith in Marvel that Iron Man #6 took away. So, in closing I’ll take a line from the Golden Avenger himself regarding Guardians of the Galaxy: “I’m all in.”


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