Dyson Sphere, Assemble! ~or~ ‘How Stark’s Sphere became Sol’s Hammer’.

I’ll keep this short. When I read Avengers #9, I was underwhelmed with the way this arc wrapped up. Back in the day, entire issues would be dedicated to a good old fashioned donnybrook, and while I’m not terribly excited by the way today’s writers are penning the pugilistics, that is not the focus of this post. Underwhelmed, remember?


The current Star Brand and  Nightmask chosen after the most recent White Event were battling it out with Earth’s Mightiest, and then…it was over, and Manifold whooshed them away to…where? I didn’t know. Some weird honey-combed habitat. What? That’s it? WEAK!!

Flash forward a couple of days and I drop by Annex Comics in Newport ostensibly to treat my daughter to a couple of Archies, in reality to grab the latest issue of New Avengers, the only book I’m currently reading to which I do not subscribe. Got home and put it on the pile to read after dinner. When I got around to reading it, it did not take long to impress. I was happy just seeing Tony Stark, Reed Richards and T’Challa in the same Engineering Lab. That’s some serious brain-power, tell you what. Then Stark takes the other two on a virtual tour of his latest invention. Turn the page and…

BA-BAM!! Tony Stark is building a damn Dyson Sphere, with the help of “the best Shi’ar contractors precious metals can buy.” WOW. Better yet, recognize those honeycombs? Yep, that’s where Manifold tucked away the Star Brand and the Nightmask. Dang that is sweet. I have no idea what the significance is, but I think it is totally freakin’ cool. I’m very glad that I happened to read those books in the sequence that I did. My jaw doesn’t often drop…but page 4 of New Avengers #4 did exactly that. Well played, Mr. Hickman, well played indeed.

T’Challa: You’re going to weaponize a star?
Stark: I figure if our situation is forcing me back into the arms business…why not get exotic?

"Well, I like 'Stark Sphere'  but apparently the company is already using that for something else."

“Well, I like ‘Stark Sphere’ but apparently the company is already using that for something else.”


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