Welcome Back to Astro City!

Very happy to see Kurt Busiek’s writing back on store shelves. Just read Issue #1, “Through Open Doors”, which was a lukewarm re-introduction to the City but I understand that new readers need an in. I’m definitely in for this entire run. That said, I have to say that I read Astro City on the strength of the Kurt Busiek’s writing. Brent Anderson’s art has never done it for me. He as a lot of trouble drawing children and females in general–their features often look pinched and a bit masculine.

Mr. Busiek declares in his afterword that he’s got 10 issues in the can, so I’m looking forward to a nice long run of an old favorite.

One little nit to pick–17 years have passed in the City–a wonderful old story is revisited and two girls that were young in that story are now in college (one) and out of college & working (the other); Crackerjack is looking a bit spry for 17 years swinging at the end of a rope is all I can say.

Welcome Back to Astro City!! Strongly recommend you put this title on top of the Pile.

Absolutely CELESTIAL Cover Art from Alex Ross!

Absolutely CELESTIAL Cover Art from Alex Ross!


The Steel Jacketed Man

424239-steel_largeThe wait between subscription issues can be interminable. Last week I read Iron Man #5 (Later, Earth), but to pass the time until something else arrives, I’m re-reading Kurt Busiek’s “Tarnished Angel” TPB. I love this book. It gives us so many tantalizing glimpses at the bittersweet backstories of lots of Busiek’s colorful villains…Golden Glove, Quarrel, El Hombre and many more. For me the most poignant scene takes place as Carl is allowing himself to be pummeled by Golden Glove’s daughter (rather than strike her)…and hopes that Samaritan isn’t watching at just that moment, because he’s ashamed to be seen being bested by a fifteen year old girl. Tell me, is a guy who’ll take that sort of punishment a “Bad Man”?

The pulp themed cover alluding to the noir detective novel-esque story inside is brilliant.

The story tells us that Carlie’s mom always told him the Heroes of Astro City were “The Angels”, and even though Carlie’s home is and always will be Kiefer Square, and despite a little bit of tarnish on his metallic skin, he’s one of the Angels too.