But if it’s Only Been 30 Minutes, Sharon….

Then what is up with the BEARD? HMMMM?

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Captain America #3 (Marvel Now!)

Captain_America_3┬áIn today’s mail and on tonight’s pile.


Liked it. Warming to this title, but John Romita Jr’s art is still very disconcerting, particularly in the flashback sequences when the kids look waaaaay to young to be spewing such sexually charged trash talk at the young Steve. That and they all look like bobble heads….

Anyway, you may not be one for extra-dimensional hijinks, but I am digging Dimension Z…it’s a throwback to Marvel’s earlier crazier times when ANYTHING could happen. And I’m still naive enough that believe it or not, I never saw the last page coming….WOW! Cap is in some deep DOO DOO now!