The Invincible Iron Mullet

Picked up Iron Man Vol. 1 Issue 225  in the 50¢ box at The Annex the other day. What a great issue–a jam-packed 40 pages of Iron-Espionage as Tony tracks down the thieves who took his tech–Bob Layton and David Micheline on script duty and a job well done. The story takes place during the bulky Silver & Red armor phase–not so great, but you know–it was what it was.

The book was published in 1987, and is a really great reflection of the decade. Submitted for your approval, a mullet-sporting Tony Stark accompanied by his very best bud, Flat-Top Rhodey. In the panel on the left, note how the strap of Rhodey’s headphones conforms to the shape of his hair–not his head. Classic. This whole issue is so “Eighties” from start to finish that it made me want to put on a skinny tie just to fit in.


Lastly, a picture of Tony’s house from this same issue–did the Cinematic Universe get it right or didn’t they. Fantastic!



Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: Worth the Wait! ~SPOILERS~

Sure, you read it on February 13th, but my copy just came in today’s mail. Ah…Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1: The complete tale of Star Lord’s origin  is the topic the premiere issue and it’s a tale superbly told by Brian Bendis. Steve McNiven’s pencils are likewise top drawer.

We’re taken back 30 years to witness the interplanetary bop-fest that squired our hero, Peter Quill. We’re shown how a young Star Lord-to-be dealt with bullies pickin’ on little girls. Oh yeah.


We learn why he’s got such a chip on his shoulder about his father. I don’t know if we can really blame J’son for crimes committed by the Badoon, but Peter definitely has some issues with the death of his mother Meredith.



In the final pages, we learn that Peter has been telling the story of his Guardianship to Tony Stark, who left Earth at the end of Iron Man #5 in the ugliest armor ever to seek his space-fortune. If you read Avengers Assemble as well, then you knew this was coming way back in AA # 8 .

From Avengers Assemble! Issue 8

From Avengers Assemble! Issue 8


Guardians of the Galaxy has restored some of my faith in Marvel that Iron Man #6 took away. So, in closing I’ll take a line from the Golden Avenger himself regarding Guardians of the Galaxy: “I’m all in.”

What’s in the Bargain Box? War Machine: Weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As I stared longingly at all of the current issues that are on store shelves now but for me, a subscriber, lie in some distant unknown future when I’ll find them in my mailbox, my attention turned to the bargain box of clearance TPBs. Intriguing! Fun to sift through! Never know what you’ll find.

Today’s gem is War Machine: Weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D, collecting Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D issues 33-35 and a sweet reprinting of Iron Man 144, recounting Tony Stark’s first meeting with James “Rhodey” Rhodes. The Iron Man is down hard, infected with a Skrull Virus that takes out not only the man himself, but Stark Tech in total. I’m loving the look of this just from the cover and first couple of pages. That I scored it for 5 bucks in the bargain box is even sweeter.  Since the subscription gods did not smile upon me today (OH! Guardians of the Galaxy #1, when will I meet you?), this snappy looking title goes to the top of the pile. Happy Friday!


Marvel Now! Iron Man #6: or..the Wrath of Princess Unibrow



I was so excited for this title. I really was. In the aftermath of AvX I subscribed to a number of Now! Titles. Iron Man was probably the one I was most excited for. Having just read issue #6, I’m ready to give Kieron Gillen the stink-eye. This title is going nowhere. The first five issues were stand-alone missions that were tenuously linked to Extremis. There was no arc; just 5 stories that didn’t even need to involve Extremis. Finally, at the end of #5, Tony broke the bonds of Earth and headed to meet a new destiny among the stars.

My excitement was rekindled! Finally, a connection to the time that the Golden Avenger will clearly be spending with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Issue #6 arrived in the mail yesterday and went straight to the top of the pile.

What a disappointment was Godkiller 1 of 3.  The “battle” alluded to on the first 3 pages was glossed over when it could’ve been the focus of an entire issue. I want to know more about this “Mechanoid Pirate Fleet” and why the Voldi are warring with them…to say nothing of how Tony found them…why he is fighting for them, etc. Nah, quick 3 pages and then we’re in some Alien Cantina and Mr. Stark is hitting on an Alien Princess with a serious Unibrow..situation.

12 pages of stale dialogue later, Princess Unibrow throws Tony out of her boudoir because of…facial hair? More like Irony Man.

Finally in the last couple of pages, Mr. Gillen decides to try and cobble together some semblance of a story and tie it into the AvX Aftermath. OK, so Tony is going on trial for his part in the murder of the Phoenix. This title has 2 issues (Godkiller 2/3 and 3/3) to get me make itself worthy of the title Iron Man. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll be seeing plenty of Mr. Stark in Avengers and Avengers Assemble!, both of which are rockin’ it!

Issue #6 gets a 1 out of 5 Arc Reactors and would’ve gotten a ZERO POINT ZERO if not for the cool force field P.E.P.P.E.R. throws up when the Robots attack. Sheesh!

Honey, shave that thing off. Or pluck it..shed it..whatever.

Honey, shave that thing off. Or pluck it..shed it..whatever.