But if it’s Only Been 30 Minutes, Sharon….

Then what is up with the BEARD? HMMMM?

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The Uncanny Avengers #3 is On The Pile.

Uncanny Avengers #3

Uncanny Avengers #3

The Uncanny Avengers

#3 was waiting on my desk when I got home this blustery evening, so that’s what’s on the pile, but boy, what a weird series, no?

OK, I drank the Kool Aid and read AvX and it got me back into current titles in a big way–so when that finished up, I was ready for the next step, and Uncanny Avengers seemed like the way to go (I thought A+X might’ve been, but those simple ‘Team Up’ stories don’t grab me).

At first blush we’ve got Logan moping around in his cowboy hat, Rogue shooting her mouth off to put any self-respecting Drama-Mama to shame and Captain America making good choices. Same old same old, right?


Throughout this title, and indeed, from page one of issue one, Rick Remender shows us that he is not afraid to get Weird. Really weird! Let’s indulge.

On the very first page we get a full frontal lobotomy! Whoa!

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Creepy Brain Slicing on Page 1! Holy Crap!

The Red Skull just…sitting there watching TV. That’s kind of… Weird.

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“Zis Colonel Klink ist ein DUMKOPF!!”

Scott Summers, imprisoned in a Ruby Quartz Cell…awesomely bizarre!

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Ruby Quart Goggles…and Walls. Cool and Weird.

And a whole new take on “the Head of the Charles.” DANG that is strange!

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In closing, I’ll just say that this title is delightfully bizarre, and I’m enjoying it very much. I mean, can you ever get enough of the Red Skull handling sloppily extricated brains for your money? I can’t, and so I’m sold on Uncanny Avengers. Looking forward to tonight’s reading, issue #3!

Avengers Assemble #11

2811600-11a_super  Avengers Assemble took a turn for the Awesome when Kelly Sue DeConnick took over the writing in the book’s second arc. After what started out as a bit of a lark to find the missing Professor Sorokin, Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderwoman and Thor were in Antarctica, investigating some mysterious deaths at an outpost when Dr. Banner drank some very bad juju. Iron Man whisked Banner away to the Helicarrier (and judging from #11’s cover, they don’t make it) as Captains America and Marvel traced what they think is the source of the threat. Outfoxed by Yun Guang Han & forced to retreat, the Captains are rejoining the other Avengers to deal with a bilious green infected Hulk. Anyway, that’s where issue 10 left me hangin’.

#11 was waiting for me on my desk when I got home tonight (my lovely wife put it there for me, ain’t she great?). Tonight’s reading has been determined!

1.26.2013 Post-Read Update with ~~~SPOILERS~~~

Well, leave it to great cover art to make me mis-remember a storyline! Hulk was already in his cage aboard the Helicarrier at the end of issue 10 of course, and Spiderwoman had been tasked with injecting him with the antibiotic.

So, on to issue 11….too much too fast! I know this title was released to coincide with the movie, and that it’s targeting a younger audience, but the team wrapped this one up way too quickly! In just a couple of pages the bacterial threat was contained, Yun Guang Han was neutralized and the Team was back in NYC for 3 pages of yukkity yuk bet settling. I thought this arc was going to spread out over a few issues of high drama! What’s the rush? This was a great story, ended too early.

Captain America #3 (Marvel Now!)

Captain_America_3 In today’s mail and on tonight’s pile.


Liked it. Warming to this title, but John Romita Jr’s art is still very disconcerting, particularly in the flashback sequences when the kids look waaaaay to young to be spewing such sexually charged trash talk at the young Steve. That and they all look like bobble heads….

Anyway, you may not be one for extra-dimensional hijinks, but I am digging Dimension Z…it’s a throwback to Marvel’s earlier crazier times when ANYTHING could happen. And I’m still naive enough that believe it or not, I never saw the last page coming….WOW! Cap is in some deep DOO DOO now!