Despicable Me 2: MAJOR SPOILERS: Do not Read if you have not seen!

I saw Despicable Me 2 with my daughter  yesterday and wanted to share some thoughts. I was “good but not great”, with some really hilarious moments and a lot of downtime. I think the writers/director  missed one story point hook that really could’ve made a huge emotional impact on the end.


We saw the little girl struggling to read her “Mom” poem because she doesn’t have a mom. Then at the end, she reads it, but I didn’t feel that there was ANY real connection at all between the woman Groo marries and the little girls.

In order to sell the plot point of the “new mommy” at the end, the movie needed ONE scene where the Secret Agent lady rescues the girls or makes a SERIOUS CHOICE that saves them; some kind of bonding between the girls and the Agent instead of just bonding between Groo and the Agent. Here’s what I think should’ve happened.

Since Dr. Nefario brought the girls to El Macho’s HQ (why? there was no real pay off for him doing this–they were just extra jelly shooters, a task that could’ve easily been handled by Minions), somehow the GIRLS should’ve ended up tied to the rocket. Groo gets taken out–overwhelmed by purple minions, knocked out by El Macho, whatever. The rocket takes off with the girls on it. The Secret Agent lady LEAPS onto the rocket and it is SHE who saves the girls. They splash down in the ocean or wherever and she hugs them, then asks, “Are you all OK??” and the little one shows her her finger–with a boo boo on it. Secret Agent Lady looks puzzled for a moment and then KISSES THE BOO BOO. BAM!! Every adult in the theater would immediately get it and probably be in tears at the end when the little girl reads for the second time, “She kisses my boo boos”.

Also they should’ve done a montage of the 147 dates (like at the end of “UP”) where it shows the lady braiding their hair etc, doing GIRL STUFF to really bond the new mommy to her new daughters.

Without any of that, I just didn’t buy their relationship. Not that they didn’t like each other–there was just no reason that the audience is given as to why they should really , really love each other.  The movie was ok, but not emotionally satisfying for me as a parent. My daughter loved it. I mean, the fart gun? Please. And I love that Groo still has villainous tendencies, like smashing his car right through all the other cars parked at El Macho’s house, and Freeze-Raying the punky kid who dissed Margot.

Overall I give it a B and a mild recommend (to blatantly steal a the rating system from the fellas over at NowPlayingPodcast.