The Kurgan: An Intelligent Savage

"Tonight you sleep in Hell. There can be only ONE!"

“Tonight you sleep in Hell. There can be only ONE!”

For your consideration: The Kurgan. Savage? Yes. Uncouth? Without question. Took some liberties with the ladies? Absolutely. But unintelligent? No sir. Listen to him speak, and his level of intelligence is subtly revealed.

I am the stronger–you will ALWAYS be weaker than I.”

Most people would probably say “you will always be weaker than me”, which is grammatically incorrect. The Kurgan knows his grammar. He also uses the more appropriate comparative form “stronger”–though “strongest” would not be incorrect (if one assumed that he was referring to his strength compared to that of all the immortals), his use of “stronger” indicates that he is referring specifically to his strength compared to that of MacCleod, to whom he is speaking.

“Ramirez was an effete snob! I took his head, and raped his woman before his blood was cold!”

Yes, he is coarse, but not a lot of people go around using the word ‘effete’ in day-to-day conversation.

“Happy Halloween ladies!!” 

No real point here; it’s just really funny when he says this and makes licking motions at a couple of passing nuns.

What do you think of the Kurgan, Kastigir, MacCleod and the other immortals? Who is your favorite mortal character from Highlander?